Captain Obvious moment for 2021: The pandemic isn't going anywhere.....anytime soon. Have many of us pivoted? Have we altered the way we do business or invented new outlets for our work? Have we expanded our avenues of income? Yes. Many of us have done these things. But for many in the non-profit, in-person, art education world, facing another 10 months (maybe more) of, well....really daunting and possibly a death blow.

Pot L.A. is one of those amazing community art centers that needs us all to help them get through this year and more. I've been reading a lot about their story, their mission, their staff, and the meaningful access to ceramic art they provide, and I want to help.


I've long known that my entry to clay was a privileged one. I grew up in an area that was rich in arts, art funding, arts curricula, arts education, and opportunities. I went to prestigious schools that had incredible ceramic studios. I had access to student teachings ops, apprenticeships, scholarships, and more. But my experience is absolutely the exception not the rule when it comes to the rest of America. Pot L.A. represents what clay art education and access should look like in the 21st century. And they need our help.

Just like 2020, ALL the proceeds from my "2nd's Sales" will go to Pot L.A. to help them keep providing their truly inspiring and important mission to their community. I may be over 3000mi away, but I can help. Hopefully, you can too.

PS: I managed to raise 175.00 for Snow Farm last year in a matter of a few months. Let's blow past that with a full year (or close to it!) of selling seconds for Pot L.A. Let's have a big year!