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Kiln Services and Consultation

Kilns are complicated, costly, and often custom. If you have questions, big or small regarding: 

- Gas/wood/soda kiln construction, renovations, repairs or installation

- Electric kiln installations, repairs or renovations

- Basic kiln consultation regarding ANY   pottery kilns, custom or commercial, big or small

Give me a holler. Maybe I can help....and if not, I can generally point you in a few, helpful directions.


Basic kiln questions/consultation

Is your electric kiln over firing? Thinking about a soda kiln in your backyard? Can I install this electric kiln in my garage? Can I put burners on this?

If you have questions, I can likely help. Basic inquiries are ok, longer, more sophisticated situations require a consultation fee beginning at 75.00. 


Kiln building

Thinking about building a custom kiln? Let's talk. First planning session is free....after that it's $45/hr


Electric kiln installations/repairs

Available to repair nearly all types of new and older electric kilns. Already have your kiln on hand? Give me a call to help you install it. 

Basic troubleshooting rate: $25/hr

Repair and install rate: $35/hr

Rebuild rate: $45/hr


Kiln Restorations/Renovations

Thinking about bringing that old soda kiln back to life? Is your arch slumping? Are your bagwalls and floor showing their age? Want to covert a kiln from side-draft to downdraft? Let's talk. Kiln's are rarely a lost cause, and can frequently be altered, rehabbed, or face-lifted. 

All custom gas/wood kiln repair work rate: $

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