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The Story of The Karma Kiln


Sometimes, a good idea becomes a GREAT idea.

In early 2022, I began to realize that I needed to build a new kiln. Here, at my home studio in Conway, MA, there were a few immovable hurdles standing in the way of that vision. This is where things got karmic: My good friend, Molly Cantor, a mere 15min over the hill from me, had her old kiln pavilion quietly waiting for a new resident. One enthusiastic email later, and we had decided to partner up to build The Karma Kiln there in the fall.

Over a two-and-a-half month period, The Karma Kiln rose like a phoenix from the ashes of the old brick piles in Molly's yard. By mid-October, the final details were done, the wood was dry, and pottery began accumulating on site. On the evening of October 21st, two small fires were lit on the firebox floor....and The Karma Kiln's new life began.


A saying that's growing with me these days is this: Good kilns create great pots...but GREAT kilns create community. A primary vision behind The Karma Kiln is to have it available to local and regional potters who are interested in learning how to wood-soda fire. It is an easy kiln to fire, generally on about a cord of softwood, and is able to reach cone 10-11 in about 14-16 hours depending on how long you wish to pre-heat.


I will be offering a few soda-wood firing workshops throughout 2023, so bookmark this page or sign up for my newsletter to receive firing date announcements. I'm envisioning two types of workshop registrations: A flat-rate group cost, and an individual rate per potter. The kiln holds roughly 170-200 pots, depending on size, but based on the two firings we've already had, I foresee most participants getting an easy 12-15 pieces in per firing if in a group of 15. If our group is smaller, each participant will get more in, obviously.

I'm still working out rates for 2023, but if you are interested in a group firing, please contact me with a) the name of your organization, b) the number of participants, and c) a few different options for firing dates. I'm already booked into June 2023, so keep that in mind.


For individuals interested in smaller, more intimate firing experiences, perhaps 6-8 per firing, simply reach out via my site contact page and we'll take it from there.

**NOTE** If you're here to find info for the firing workshop with Stuart Gair, click the image below. There is detailed info for the whole experience in the "item" description.

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