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For workshop registrations, see below. For information on what I teach and how, keep reading:

I nearly always jump at the chance to share what I know about the ceramic process with others. More importantly, having been through an intensive apprenticeship, I feel that it's important to pass as much as I know on - in any format - short, 1-day or 2-day workshop experiences with demonstrations, or longer, protracted, interactive settings where we can make and learn together.

I enjoy doing public demos and have taught group classes of all sizes, even down to private lessons. Multi-day workshops focusing on all aspects of the making process are great, but I also offer tech-based workshops, specifically in gas kiln firing, electric kiln tutorials, and clay and glaze chemistry.


My specialty and most of my training deals with forced draft gas kilns, their burner systems, materials, design, and construction. I would be a great fit for running even a single day "do's and don'ts" experience. with nearly any gas kiln you have. I was very fortunate to learn from one of the best in 20th century kiln tech - Regis Brodie - who was my professor at Skidmore College.

Lastly, if you're considering a kiln building workshop, or have questions about your current kiln that could be having issues, I'm a great place to start. Give me a holler and we'll talk about what's possible. I do all sorts of "kiln consultation", even if it comes down to: "Hey, you should really call this person. Here's their number." 

Thanks for considering me and I hope to hear your story soon.

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